David Furr - Writer and Letterer.
Frontier Graveyard is David's latest venture into the writing world. In college, David released two short run comic books and a series of comic newsletters while studying television and film. After college, he and Shannon Smith formed Blue Inferno and began working on a number of creative projects. Over the years, David and Shannon have collaborated on numerous titles, including an ongoing book series title Portal Hunters.

Mark Henry "PROFESONE" - Artist (Penciler and Inker for the series, and Colorist for issue 1)
Profesone is an extremely talented artist hailing from Miami, Florida. Having worked for massive comic book companies such as Dark Horse, Heavy Metal, Wild Storm (DC), and Marvel Comics, Profesone has a quiet mark in the comic book world. Extending his art ability, he has done numerous t-shirt and skate boards design for companies such as Human, Shorties, Methods and Soul Clap Apparel. He now lends his keen sense of detail to the movement of freestyle creative storyboards and sketchbook sequential art. Catch more of PROFESONE at www.profesone.com.

Shannon Smith - Co-creator and Colorist (Starting in issue 2)
Shannon Smith has an artistic family. His wife engages in numerous fields of art, including both paintings, photography and graphic design. His younger son is a self taught pianist. Shannon's older son is an avid graphic artist, whose work includes the logo and digital artwork of this book. Shannon studied graphic design at Abilene Christian University, but has focused most of his creative energy in to developing projects with Blue Inferno. Currently, in addition to his work with Blue Inferno, Shannon owns and manages a gaming store called Fantasy Quest in Sherman, Texas.

Geri Smith - Colorist (Starting in issue 2)
Geri Smith a.k.a. Khepra Design's is the wife of Frontier Graveyard co-creater, Shannon Smith. She graduated Southeastern Oklahoma State University with two degrees in Graphic Design and Traditional Art and is currently working with several musicians cover albums and web developing several sites and designing one of a kind jewlery. Several books of hers Published "Emotions" and "GD of Famous People". Award winner of several artworks for the cause of Domistic Abuse and Child Abuse. Geri's artworks can be found at: http://khepradesigns.deviantart.com

Matt Smith - Cover Colors (Issue 2)
Matt is the son of Frontier Graveyard co-creator, Shannon Smith. He is currently attending Southeastern Oklahoma State University, and is both an avid and highly proficient graphic artist. Examples of Matt's work can be found on his Deviant Art profile.